Can Wearing Eyeglasses relieve conjunctivitis?

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Have you ever suffered from conjunctivitis or pink eye? If not, you can neither understand its difficulties nor its symptoms. It is not so easy to handle this problem if you do not know what conjunctivitis is all about.

Conjunctivitis or pink eye is redness, swelling and irritation that occur in the outermost layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eye lids. The pink eye generally develops increased tears and discharges, no matter whether it is viral or bacterial conjunctivitis. Sometimes your eyes might stick together and it would be hard for you to open. It also causes an itching sensation.

Do you know why eyeglasses are suggested for conjunctivitis? Generally people suffering from myopia or hyperopia, use contact lenses instead of prescription eyeglasses. It is because they feel prescription glasses might spoil their overall appearance. However, if you are affected by conjunctivitis, then using contact lenses will worsen the situation. So, there is no chance of healing.

In such cases, eyeglasses come in handy, making your eyes as healthier as before. Eyeglasses can prevent this contagious disease from spreading to others. Also, they stop you from rubbing your eyes due to itching. Remember, rubbing or scratching your eyes would affect your eyes even bad.

To conceal the pain and the condition of your eyes, use designer prescription eyeglasses. They not only protect your eyes, but also offer a stylish look. It is also mandatory to check whether the eyeglasses you choose are safe enough to protect your eyes. As conjunctivitis can be increased by dust and over light, see to that the eyeglasses you choose cover your eyes properly and give a comfortable grip. So go for full-rim eyeglasses with wider temples for a complete protection.

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Can Wearing Eyeglasses relieve conjunctivitis?

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Can Wearing Eyeglasses relieve conjunctivitis?

This article was published on 2011/11/25