The Development of Modern Eyeglasses

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Nowadays, more and more people are wearing eyeglasses. Some wear them because of their poor vision. With eyeglasses, they can see things clearly. For these people, eyeglasses are used as visual aids. However, for other people who don't have visual problems, eyeglasses are just ornaments. With eyeglasses, they can be fashionable and stylish. But have you ever thought of the development of the eyeglasses? When and where did the eyeglasses come from?


The earliest known eyeglasses dated back to the years 1500 - 1700. Made of steel, they are simple in design but remarkably manage to stay in place resting on the wearer's nose. Although these are made of steel, many early spectacles of similar design were made from baleen, a material derived from the mouths of whales used to filter plankton. In 1800s, the spectacles are designed with extendable temples that are made to reduce the pressure on the wearer's head.


In the late 18th/early 19th century, the eyeglasses were distinguished the by foldable temples. Lorgnettes made their first appearance in the late 18th century. They became a fashionable accessory for the privileged and socially upward crowd and were characterized by a handle to hold the lenses to the wearer's eyes. Those pictured would have been considered to be quite drab. Some of the more desirable lorgnettes had detailed, very artistic engraving and long handles.


Spectacles with metal mesh netting that were commonly used by passengers in the late 1800s during long train journeys to diminish glare. Pince nez (nose pinch) spectacles came on the scene around mid 1800s. They were popular in America from 1900 - 1920s. The American Optical Company and Bausch & Lomb were the major US producers of this type of eyeglass.


The current eyeglasses are not the same as the first appearance. They developed a lot with the time, no matter in the shapes, colors, or styles. All in all, they are becoming more and more convenient and stylish. They are more popular with modern individuals

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The Development of Modern Eyeglasses

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This article was published on 2010/12/22