What Your Eyeglasses Say About You

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What your Eyeglasses Say about You

There"s a saying that "the eyes are the windows to one"s soul". In this article, however, we will look through not your bare eyes but your eyeglasses and see how much they can say about you, your personality, and your lifestyle.

Picking from a Bed of Many

To start off, there is a wide variety of styles and designs that eyeglasses are available with. You have the freedom to choose what frame type, what material, what design to go for, as long as your spectacles serve their main purpose -- corrective or protective or both.

Since your face is mostly your selling point and your eyes are the windows to your soul, it is inevitable that your eyewear conjures up your image. Eyeglasses are not merely accessories, they also have the power to tell a part of your identity -- an impression of how you are and how you feel at least at the moment you are wearing them. Having said that, you must pay attention to what kind of glasses you choose, so you help people picture out the real you.

Matching your Glasses with your Personality

Well, this is almost a given. People who are serious about life, businesslike, and career oriented will hardly be caught with eyeglasses that are wild and crazy. They mostly go for traditional, no fuss designs. They will not choose free-spirited or sophisticated eyeglasses because they will mostly like people to treat them in a straightforward manner. They would like to inculcate trust and confidence in whatever they do that"s why they are expected to stick to conservative styles and subdued colours.

Those who are carefree and fun loving, meanwhile, are almost expected to pick the crazy, out-of-the-box pair of glasses. Their humour usually shows off on how they pick their spectacles. Their liberated personality mostly compliments their choice of eyewear.

But wearing different glasses at different times does not mean you are wearing different personalities at different times. It is just that, eyeglasses need to compliment your multi-dimensional lifestyle, which is mostly the case for a lot of people nowadays.

One Size Fits All, or Not!

When it comes to eyewear, it is sometimes not enough that you have a pair. Every different facet of your life, every activity that you are into, and every aspect of your personality would require different eyeglasses.

There should be something for business and for play, for serious moments and light moments, for parties or sporty occasions "" everything calls for a different eyewear design. As they also serve as accessories, you must choose your eyeglasses well and make sure that they are a perfect fit not just literally but figuratively. They must be appropriate for the occasion or event or for specific aspects of your life that you are currently into.

Choosing eyeglasses that will fit an occasion, a specific aspect of your personality, or an activity is not very hard to do. There is a wide variety of eyeglasses available that will speak of exactly what you need. Eyewear specialists advise that you keep as much eyeglasses as you like to suit every dimension of your personality and your lifestyle. Let"s face it: you can't wear the same spectacles to the office, to a cocktail party, and to your daily train rides.

Tips on Buying Eyewear

* Always ask yourself "what you will need the eyeglasses for" before purchasing one. That will help you narrow down your choices. If you are buying eyeglasses for serious business, you must gear your choice towards the sensible, conservative, and classic designs. Stay away from bright colours, crazy shapes, and fancy materials. They will not help build your image as a trusty individual that people can confidently do business with. If you are buying eyeglasses for a fun weekend at the beach, that is when you can experiment with colours and styles. You can go as fashionable as you like with many designer brands like Diesel and Alexander McQueen issuing numerous style-savvy designs. You can also go as creative as you like and as carefree as you like, depending on your mood. If you are into some sport, make sure that your eyewear will not get in the way of your favourite activity.

* Do not be afraid to be creative. There are countless choices, in store, mind you. There is no need to stick to just what the book says is suitable for you. Remember that your eyewear tells something about your personality. You have the freedom to choose what eyeglasses you want and create an impression that you want people to have about you.

* Wardrobe your eyewear. Use it as a tool to update your look and make it appropriate for a certain occasion, without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

* Like when buying shoes, it might be wise if you have more than a pair of glasses in your closet. As mentioned earlier, it is important that your eyeglasses suit the occasion. With your multi-dimensional lifestyle, you will need two or more to cover a number of different personality traits, activities, and interests.
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What Your Eyeglasses Say About You

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This article was published on 2010/10/26